Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Market and Product Forecasts: COPD in China – Novel therapies to see patient potential limited by high cost

The increasing prevalence of COPD and new therapies will boost the Chinese COPD market from $204m to $317m by 2020. Spiriva will become the market leader from 2013 and maintain the position through 2020, owing to its wide application across all disease severities. A number of novel products will increase the product offering on the market, with most pipeline products aimed at more severe patients.

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• Understand which factors are driving growth in the Chinese COPD market, and what challenges pipeline products face.

Datamonitor forecasts the Chinese COPD market to increase from $204m in 2011 to $317m by 2020, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over 2011–20 of 5.0%. Market growth will not only be boosted by patients continuing to switch to more convenient, and more expensive, combination drugs, but also by the increasing prevalence of COPD in China.

Datamonitor forecasts that five new therapies will enter the Chinese market over 2011–20, including the first once-daily ICS/LABA combination and LABA/LAMA combinations. While these combinations are clinically attractive, their commercial potential will be restricted by their relatively high price.

Datamonitor estimates that in 2011 Seretide and Spiriva top all brands by achieving $48m and $46m respectively, together capturing 46% of the Chinese COPD market. Spiriva will face competition from several pipeline products after 2013, but its wide clinical application across all disease severities will allow it to maintain its market dominance.

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