Monday, 16 January 2012

Analysis of Growth Opportunities in the Indian Desalination Market

The total annual precipitation in India is nearly 4,000 billion cubic meters (BCM). India has abundant rains, but the water is not distributed throughout the country. In addition, deteriorating surface water quality has made India to seek a sustainable option - desalination. Desalination is a process of removing excess of salts and minerals in the water and make it fit for consumption. With the water availability in India to be reduced to 1,000 cubic meters per person per year by 2050, fresh water demand is expected to rise. Hence, India has a huge untapped potential for the desalination market.

Indian Desalination Market

Published: January 2012

Major points covered in Table of Contents of this report include:
• Executive Summary
• Market Overview
• Market Outlook
• Total Desalination Market
     a. External Challenges: Drivers and Restraints
     b. Forecasts and Trends
     c. Market Share and Competitive Analysis
     d. Mega Trends and Industry Convergence Implications
• The CEO's 360 Degree Perspective
• Municipal Segment Breakdown
• Industrial Segment Breakdown
• The Last Word (Conclusions and Implications)
• Appendix

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