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Global and China Biodiesel Industry Research Report 2012

This research on Global and China Biodiesel market has 464 Tables and Figures  and professional research report on Global and China Biodiesel industry. The report firstly introduced Biodiesel definition classification application and industry chain structure, then introduced Biodiesel manufacturing technology and process; and then introduced Global regional Biodiesel projects overview. Summary statistics Global and China Biodiesel 2009-2016 capacity Production , production market share by manufacturers by feedstock by regions by process. and also introduced Global Biodiesel supply demand and shortage. Introduced Global and China 2009-2016 Biodiesel selling price cost profit production value and gross margin etc details information. In chapter four,the report introduced Global and China 95 manufacturers Biodiesel 2009-2016 capacity Production cost price profit production value and gross margin and also introduced these manufacturers background information and related product specifications. In chapter five, the report introduced Biodiesel Feedstock (Soybean Oil Rapeseed Oil Palm Oil etc) Consumption; process (lurgi process sket process henkel process etc); manufacturing cost structure, manufacturing equipments and Biodiesel EPC(contractors ) suppliers turnkey solutions achievements etc information. Finally, the report also introduced 200KT/Year biodiesel project feasibility analysis and related research conclusions. In a word, it was a depth research report on global and China Biodiesel industry. And thanks to the support and assistance from Biodiesel industry chain related experts and enterprises during QYResearch Biodiesel Team survey and interview.

Report Details:
Published: May 2012
No. of Pages: 313
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Major points covered in Table of Contents of this report include:
Chapter One Biodiesel Industry Overview 1
1.1 Definition 1
1.2 Classification and Application 1
1.2 Industry Chain Structure 2

Chapter Two Biodiesel Manufacturing Technology and Process 3
2.1 Biodiesel Manufacturing Technology and Process 3
2.2 Some Countries EU Global Biodiesel Projects List 6
2.2.1 Global Key Biodiesel Manufacturers Summary 24
2.3 Biodiesel Manufacturing Equipments List 42
2.4 Biodiesel Product Quality and Standard 43
2.5 Biodiesel Feedstocks and Cost 47
2.6 Regional Biodiesel Market Structure Analysis 48
2.6.1 Germany Biodiesel Market Analysis 48
2.6.2 United States Biodiesel Market Analysis 52
2.6.3 Sweden Biodiesel Market Analysis 56
2.6.4 Spain Biodiesel Market Analysis 58
2.6.5 Brazil Biodiesel Market Analysis 59
2.6.6 Central Europe Biodiesel Market Analysis 61
2.6.7 EU Biodiesel Market Analysis 62
2.6.8 Global Biodiesel Market Analysis 64
2.6.9 Other Countries Biodiesel Market Analysis 69

Chapter Three Biodiesel Productions Supply Sales Demand Market Status and Forecast 70

Chapter Four Biodiesel Key Manufacturers 104 

Chapter Five Feedstock Process Equipments Analysis 265
5.1 Biodiesel Different Feedstocks Consumption 265
5.1.1 Soybean Oil Consumption and Market Share 265
5.1.2 Rapeseed Oil Consumption and Market Share 268
5.1.3 Waste Cooking Oil Consumption and Market Share 270
5.1.4 Palm Oil Consumption and Market Share 271
5.1.5 Biodiesel Feedstock Soybean Oil Rapeseed Oil Palm Oil etc Consumption and Market Share 272
5.2 Biodiesel Process Analysis 273
5.2.1 Lurgi Process (Caustic soda process) Germany 274
5.2.2 Sket Process(Caustic soda process) Germany 275
5.2.3 Henkel Process(Caustic soda process) Germany 276
5.2.4 Esterfip-H Process (Solid Caustic soda process) France 276
5.2.5 BIOX Process (Acid Alkali Mixing Process) Canada 277
5.3.6 SRCA Process(No Catalyst technology)China 278
5.3 Biodiesel Manufacturing Cost Structure Analysis 278
5.4 Biodiesel Manufacturing Equipments Analysis 279
5.4.1 Biodiesel Manufacturing Equipments List 279
5.4.2 Biodiesel EPC(Contractors) Suppliers Analysis 280

Chapter Six China Biodiesel Project Feasibility Analysis 310

Chapter Seven Biodiesel Research Conclusions 313

List of Tables and Figures

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